Our Services

Skilled Nursing

New Era’s team of registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses provide skilled observation, assessment, and education with every visit. We pride ourselves on tailoring our care plans to fit your specialized needs. We specialize in skilled services such as intravenous therapy, wound care, parenteral nutrition, pain management, respiratory treatments, and disease management. It is our duty to uphold the continuity of care aligning with your personal health goals.

Physical Therapy

Safety at home and independence begin with the proper guidance. Our team of physical therapists assess rehabilitation needs, construct individualized therapeutic exercise plans, provide patient and family education in the home setting.

Occupational Therapy

Our team of occupational therapists treats patients through the therapeutic use of daily living tasks. Helping our patients recover, improve, and maintain the skills they need for daily living and working.

Speech Therapy

Our speech and language pathologists specialize in treatments for language disorder, dysphasia, aphasia, and speech rehabilitation.

Medical Social Work

We have a duty to our community. Our specialized team assesses social, economic, and environmental factors, provides counseling and community resource planning to improve the livelihood of our patients.

Certified Home Health Aids

We provide total personal care with dignity and respect.